Submit topic proposals for the Python Packaging Summit 2022!

Hey one and all! Sorry for the delay, but we’re now accepting topic proposals for the Packaging Summit at PyCon US 2022! You can submit a topic you’d like to discuss via our topic submission form, which allows you to submit multiple topics (within reason) and update your previous responses.

Even if you aren’t able to make the summit, we welcome your topic submissions to share and discuss with those who are. Make sure to get them in by Saturday April 16, 2022 AoE so we can consider them and do our best to get them on the schedule.

Also, we just send out confirmation emails to those who signed up, so check your emails for that, and let us know if you have any questions here. Thanks!

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(Posting this here as well) I had at least one person reach out to me who applied and was accepted but didn’t get the email, despite me confirming it was on the list that was sent out. Everyone should have heard something; if you applied and either didn’t hear anything or got accepted, could you let us know here so we can confirm if this is a wider issue? Thanks!


Hmm, you should have; I resent another way with another email, so it seems perhaps both might not have gone through, at least in your case.

In any event, you were accepted :slight_smile:

Oh nice! I still didn’t receive any email though. When exactly will the summit occur?

The afternoon of April 29, in two 90-minute segments with a break in between. I’ve asked again to confirm the exact logistics so we can let everyone know the specific time and location.