Subprocess to use external program

Hi everyone,

I use a finite element software called ZSoil (for ground engineering). ZSoil files are .inp extension and contain all the information to run the calculus in the software. I just wrote a python code that modifies some values in the .inp file in order to run them in ZSoil for parametric analysis. The output of my code are 4 .inp files for the moment.

I would like to be able to launch ZSoil from my code, open the 4 .inp files in ZSoil and run the calculus.

I managed to open ZSoil from my code using :

import subprocess‘C:\Program Files\ZSoil\ZSoil 2023 v23.04\Z_Soil.exe’)

In ZSoil GUI, I need to click on ‘File’, then ‘Open’, then select the .inp I want, and the click on ‘Run’.

Is there a way to to all of these ‘clicks’ from my python code ?

Thanks for your help.

Subprocess with zsoil would need a non-gui mode that took input from stding or a configuation file.

pyautogui automates the desktop screen. Never used it.
This pypi search list some associated packages.

Selenium automates web browsers, which is not what you want.

Hi Terry,

I am going to give a shot to pyautogui.

Thanks for your answer.

Maybe look into the format of the .bat files, see if there’s any way you could write one of those and then run that as a subprocess?

dat url tho