Suggestions For Learning Python

Does anyone have any suggestions to learn Python? I am still young and have a huge dream of becoming a Python developer someday, and I need to find any websites or online courses I can take to learn efficiently. Any suggestions will greatly help me!

  1. Youtube has lots of free tutorials. Some are whole playlists with many videos. I like the Indently guy myself. Youtube search

Here are a few more that I haven’t checked out but they are in my notes.

  1. Beginner page from Python wiki which has tutorial links. BeginnersGuide - Python Wiki
  2. Datacamp.
  3. Hackinscience. Free interactive tutorials for Python where you can write code.
  4. Learnpython. Has inline interpreter/compiler.
  5. Learn X in Y minutes. Learn Python in Y Minutes Very good tutorial explain what values evaluate to false. This would make a good Quickref. Ex: print(bool([])) or print(bool(''))
  6. Python.Land. Beginner's Python Tutorial: Learn Python • Python Land
  7. Real Python tutorials.

I’m still a beginner but I’m a big fan of