Support for Idle?

is anyone able to offer support for IDLE?

I have been using IDLE for the past 8 weeks for a class, without any issue and then yesterday it isn’t displaying the initial prompt or >>>
Not sure how to fix this?
I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks.

There are two IDLE ‘file’ types. The interpreter, also knows as the shell prompt. And a file referred to as a module. What you are in appears to be a module. To get the prompt (shell interpreter), go to the Run menu, and select Python Shell.

If you want to use a Python IDE with a better user interface, use:

I think what Paul means by ‘file types’ is window types. IDLE has 1 Shell window that simulates Python’s interactive mode with a >>> prompt and possibly many editor windows which just have code and nothing else. The run menu has choices to run Shell if it is not running or to run the code in the active editor window, with output going to Shell.

If you said what is the title of the window without >>>, we could be sure of your problem.