Support transparent imaged widgets

Last time i tried to make a cool background to my tkinter window via a label with a transparent image:

here is my code:

root = Tk()

screen_x = int(root.winfo_screenwidth())
screen_y = int(root.winfo_screenheight())

window_x = 512
window_y = 620

posX = (screen_x // 2) - (window_x // 2)
posY = (screen_y // 2) - (window_y // 2)

geo = “{}x{}+{}+{}”. format(window_x, window_y, posX, posY)

root.title(“Shadow Kurgansk’s Story”)

image1 = PhotoImage(file=‘blackGlass.png’)
label_for_image= Label(root, image=image1)


it didn’t give me the result i expected in anyway, this image will tell you everything:

please support me guys

shadow kurgansk

Perhaps this will help: How to Use Images as Backgrounds in Tkinter

thank you but the problem is that python doesn’t supports “transparent” images, i used help tag to get people :smiley:

Yeah… but it does. Perhaps you need to clarify what you’re trying to do. You’re asking for transparent images, but the screenshots imply you want a transparent label over a background image.

Also I suspect this post has nothing to do with ‘release’ or ‘election’…

yeah i am very very new in those things, i have absolutely no idea about doing that, please tell me

let me check again

The segments that should be transparent are filled with white: Either the photo overlaps the other widgets or it leaves behind, it overlaps when we put it after others, it leaves behind when we put it first.

but i noticed something in one of the methods shown in your link, when we put an image with a canvas, after we are able able to add a text to that canvas in which the text gets the background of that the canvas so it works, if we are able to add scrollbars, text widgets and entries to canvases it can work