SyntaxError: invalid syntax by using your words

When i copy the written word from Your website “pip import gpxpy” I’ve got at any time “SyntaxError: invalid syntax” while the “i” of the phrases is marked, likewhere the Error is found.
Can You help me?

pip should be run from your operating system’s CLI, not from within the Python shell.

Please read:

So I did “pip install gpxpy” in the termial of Windows and it respons, that pip couldn’t been found. Maybe somewhere in the internet is the libary of python-Moduls and there is downloadable and I van pur it in the Libary-folder manualy.

On Windows, it’s recommended that you use the Python Launcher py:

py -m pip install gpxpy

Thanks, it worked with this hint. Wouldn’t it has been worked after all, I would ask for another Idee. Than I remember dooring study we used C++ and needet to tell Windows somewhere where to find the running-file to use C++ via wondows-comand-Terminal. And I would aks if someone remember where the entry has to be given in. But, 'cause it worked, it’s not nessessery anymore. So, thanks for your help it was successfull.