Test_multiprocessing_spawn hangs at test_apply


I am trying to execute the following python test case,

./python -m unittest test.test_multiprocessing_spawn.WithManagerTestPool.test_apply -v

while executing this test case, which is as follows,

        papply = self.pool.apply
        self.assertEqual(papply(sqr, (5,)), sqr(5))
        self.assertEqual(papply(sqr, (), {'x':3}), sqr(x=3))

the first assert statement works fine, however the second assert statement is stuck, when I debugged it using pdb the following is the stack trace I get,

-> self.assertEqual(papply(sqr, (), {'x':3}), sqr(x=3))
-> kind, result = conn.recv()
-> buf = self._recv_bytes()
-> buf = self._recv(4)
> /home/python/Python-3.11.1/Lib/multiprocessing/connection.py(389)_recv()
-> chunk = read(handle, remaining)

it hangs at the last statement. I am using posix user threads to spawn new processes, this worked fine for me in another 3.6.15 build that I have, the code part of the test is the same. however this is hanging in 3.11.1 for me, any help on how to debug or go about this would be appreciated.