Textbook code bug - How to fix? Trying to draw squares draw_squares.py

Hello! I am using python as my first programming language, with this being my third week of class. I have the following code, however, there is no output. The turtle program should be giving me squares as the output.

I have figured out that if _ name _ == ‘_ main ': is invalid, and modified the code to
if name == ’
main _’:

The code will run without errors, however, there is no output. Can someone tell me what I am missing?

import turtle

def main():
    square(100, 0, 50, 'red')
    square(-150, -100, 200, 'blue')
    square(-200, 150, 75, 'green')
# The square function draws a square. The x and y parameters
# are the coordinates of the lower-left corner. The width
# parameter is the width of each side. The color parameter
# is the fill color, as a string.
def square(x, y, width, color):
    turtle.penup()  # Raise the pen
    turtle.goto(x, y)  # Move to the specified location
    turtle.fillcolor(color)  # Set the fill color
    turtle.pendown()  # Lower the pen
    turtle.begin_fill()  # Start filling
    for count in range(4):  # Draw a square
    turtle.end_fill()  # End filling

# Call the main function.
# Original Code Commented out
# Invalid
# -------------------
# if _ _name_ _ == '_ _main_ _':
# ------------------------
# Corrected code below
if __name__ == '_ _main_ _':

The double underscores shouldn’t have a space between them:

if __name__ == '__main__':

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Thank you for your assistance!