The example for unittest.IsolatedAsyncioTestCase is not runnable

unittest — Unit testing framework — Python 3.11.5 documentation : the example makes reference to a symbol as await AsyncConnection. But that symbol isn’t defined anywhere in the stdlib - the only other file in the git tree besides the unittest.rst that mentions it is the What’s New for the 3.8 release, which contains the same example.

Was this intended to be something else? Was it an abstract reference (“fill in the correct routine here”)?

Hmmm, following myself up, it sounds like this was intended to be a kind of hypothetical example: This is How You Would Do It, but not necessarily runnable by itself. I’m not super-fond of that, but async stuff is never particularly simple.

Ref: bpo-32972: Document IsolatedAsyncioTestCase of unittest module by tirkarthi · Pull Request #15878 · python/cpython · GitHub