The function returns the greetings, but it wrongly gets the title (only the last value of the 'title' would always be considered). I appreciate if you could assist. Thanks

def say_hi(name, age, gender):
gender = input("Are you Male(M) or Female(F)? “)
if (gender.upper == “MALE” or gender.upper == “M”):
title = “Mr”
elif (gender.upper == “FEMALE” or gender.upper == “F”):
title = “Ms”
title = “Mr/Ms”
print(f"Hello {title} {name}! You are aged {age}”)
say_hi(“John”, “30”, “M”)

str.upper is a method, and you’re not calling it (you call a function/method with parentheses, which are the function call operator). Instead, your code is referencing the method itself, which is never going to be equal to "MALE", "M", "FEMALE", or "F".

Because of this, your if and elif are always going to evaluate to False.

>>> gender = "male"
>>> gender.upper
<built-in method upper of str object at 0x7f5df9014570>
>>> gender.upper == "MALE"
>>> gender.upper()
>>> gender.upper() == "MALE"