The last Python 3.11 alpha (3.11.0a7) is available - Prepare for beta freeze

Brrrrr… do you feel that? That’s the chill of beta freeze coming closer. Meanwhile, your friendly CPython release team doesn’t rest and we have prepared a shiny new release for you: Python 3.11.0a7.

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Dear fellow core developer:
This alpha is the last release before feature freeze (Friday, 2022-05-06), so make sure that all new features and PEPs are landed in the master branch before we

release the first beta. Please, be specially mindfully to check the CI and the buildbots, maybe even using the test-with-buildbots label in GitHub before

merging so the release team don’t need to fix a bunch of reference leaks or platform-specific problems on the first beta release.
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Go get the new alpha here:

This is an early developer preview of Python 3.11

Major new features of the 3.11 series, compared to 3.10

Python 3.11 is still in development. This release, 3.11.0a7 is the last of seven planned alpha releases.

Alpha releases are intended to make it easier to test the current state of new features and bug fixes and to test the release process.

During the alpha phase, features may be added up until the start of the beta phase (2022-05-06) and, if necessary, may be modified or deleted up until the release candidate phase (2022-08-01). Please keep in mind that this is a preview release and its use is not recommended for production environments.

Many new features for Python 3.11 are still being planned and written. Among the new major new features and changes so far:

  • PEP 657 – Include Fine-Grained Error Locations in Tracebacks

  • PEP 654 – Exception Groups and except*

  • PEP 673 – Self Type

  • PEP 646– Variadic Generics

  • PEP 680– tomllib: Support for Parsing TOML in the Standard Library

  • PEP 675– Arbitrary Literal String Type

  • PEP 655– Marking individual TypedDict items as required or potentially-missing

  • bpo-46752– Introduce task groups to asyncio

  • The Faster Cpython Project is already yielding some exciting results: this version of CPython 3.11 is ~ 19% faster on the geometric mean of the PyPerformance benchmarks, compared to 3.10.0.

  • Hey, fellow core developer, if a feature you find important is missing from this list, let me know.

The next pre-release of Python 3.11 will be 3.11.0b1, currently scheduled for Friday, 2022-05-06.

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We hope you enjoy those new releases!

Thanks to all of the many volunteers who help make Python Development and these releases possible! Please consider supporting our efforts by volunteering yourself or through organization contributions to the Python Software Foundation.

Your friendly release team,
Pablo Galindo @pablogsal
Ned Deily @nad
Steve Dower @steve.dower