The PEP 8 song (by Leon Sandøy)

A co-worker pointed me to this master piece by Leon Sandøy. If you like Tears for Fears or Donnie Darko, you’ll enjoy it for sure!


Love it. Maybe a PEP to adopt it as the official anthem?

The song repeats “never ever”, while PEP 8 begins by saying that it’s not always applicable and continues with a list of some of the reasons to break the rules.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing and beautiful song. But it’s OK for a song to have a bit of parody/caricature in it, and to be somewhat misleading if you don’t know the original. It just doesn’t work that well as an anthem.

Just having a little fun and showing my appreciation for the gentleman than spent some time and effort to put this out there. I support that. Not a serious proposal and no need to give it serious analysis.

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OTOH, it’s a golden opportunity to draft a silly-numbered PEP. My top picks would be either PEP 33⅓ (for all dozen people both old enough, and inclined, to appreciate that in-joke) or PEP 44100 (to take its more modern equivalent).

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