The problem is in programming

The problem is in the code. Reference: The expected indented block after the function definition in line 12.

import telebot

bot = telebot.TeleBot("6874312632:AAG-ZlU4GeruHsI20yARU4wVtt2poNlLKdE")

def start(message):
mess = f"Пламенный привет,{message.from_user.first_name} !🔥В данном боте ты сможешь     
зарегистрироваться на турнир по Brawl Stars."
bot.send_message(, mess)

def get_user_text(message):
elif message.text == "id":
bot.send_message(, f"Твой ID: {}")
bot.send_message(, "Я тебя не понимаю..")


Remove the indentation from lines 11-13 and 15.

Change elif on line 13 to if.


Python is indentation centric.

def get_user_text(message):

    if message.text == 'id':
        ' rest code here'

        ' rest code here'

Indentation is critical in Python. Your indentation is all messed up. Can you recall how to indent things in Python?