The problem with dowloading libraries

Hello everyone. I’m having hard time installing python libraries. Whenever downloading starts it ends after several seconds and shows the following error

The thihg is that “pandas” and “numpy” have been dowloaded successfuly some time ago . After that I accidentialy uninstalled “pip”. Maybe this is the problem.It’d be great if someone help me.Thank you beforehand =)

If the libraries are already in pip’s download cache then you could give the --no-index option a try:

python -m pip install --no-index matplotlib

Thank you for answering. I tried the command - doesn’t work. Could you plz tell how I can check of the library in pip’s cache?

The documentation for pip cache is here: pip cache - pip documentation v23.0.1

You may want to try python -m pip cache list.

Please don’t post images of text including error messages.

Your screenshot does not show the full error, it cuts off before the end.

I find it very difficult to read your screenshot with the low-contrast colour scheme, but it looks like the problem is with your internet connection. Unfortunately when trying to download libraries from the internet, if your internet connection is unreliable, you will have difficulty downloading the libraries.

I suggest you focus on fixing your internet connection: try not to download too many things at once, if you are torrenting you should temporarily pause those, contact your ISP if the problem still occurs.

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If you uninstalled pip, you wouldn’t be able to run pip at all. But you are running pip, so either:

  1. You haven’t uninstalled pip.
  2. You uninstalled it for a different version of Python.
  3. Or you have successfully reinstalled it.

Either way, pip is not the problem. Your internet connection is the problem.

Thank you for advice. I do have problems with Internet connection from time to time. I’ll try to fix it.

That, or depending on your country, a timeout like that on a SSL connection could be a (unintentional or otherwise) result of your country’s internet censorship. As I noticed you are on Moscow time and your UI language appears to be Russian, some Python sites (e.g. were previously blocked due to falling in a similar IP range as some unrelated blocked site, and at least per this site is currently blocked for a similar reason ( where the files are actually served from says it is not blocked, but it’s possible it’s trying to hit the base domain first).