The python installation didn't install the basic modules

I bought a python-based program from a developer and he tried for an hour to set it up, but finally gave up saying that i should contact you guys and ask for help.

He says,

  • we used pythoj 3.9
  • the installation didn’t install the basic modules
  • also the python37 folder is completely missing

any advice?

Looking forward to your help.

My advice is to ask for your money back. If what you have told us is

correct, this developer doesn’t sound even a little bit competent to me

and I would have no confidence that the program will work correctly. But

maybe I am wrong.

If you are using Python 3.9, there will not be a “python37” folder,

because you are using Python 3.9 not 3.7.

If he is the developer of the program, I don’t know why he didn’t

contact us to ask for help. He would be able to answer questions about

what he tried and what results he got better than you can.

How did this developer try to install Python? What happened when he

tried it? Did he get any error messages? What were they?

What OS are you using? Linux, Mac, Windows, something else?

On Windows, you can get it from the Microsoft App Store, for free. It

will install the Python interpreter and all the standard modules.

If you are using a Mac, I’m afraid that I can’t help you. I know very

little about modern Macs, the last time I used one was Mac OS 7 more

than twenty years ago.

On Linux, it will depend on your distro (Ubunto, Debian, Fedora,

something else?). Tell us what your distro is, and the version, and we

can probably tell you what to do.

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