Tip: Use 3.8-dev on Travis CI to help test 3.8 beta

Everyone is encouraged to test their code against the beta to help find possible problems before 3.8.0 final is released in October.

On Travis CI, 3.8-dev currently uses Python 3.8.0b3+. This is a great way to test third-party code against the beta, please add it to your project today!

See also https://snarky.ca/how-to-use-your-project-travis-to-help-test-python-itself/ which was about 3.6-dev and more-or-less also applies to 3.8-dev :slight_smile:

Python 3.7 and up need Xenial or Bionic on Travis, see https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/languages/python/#python-37-and-higher


The last planned beta, Python 3.8.0b4, is out and 3.8-dev on Travis CI is now Python 3.8.0b4+.

Maintainers, please add 3.8-dev to your .travis.yml!