Tkinter Black Screen


I am running python 3.7.6, with tkinter 8.6.8, on a mac os 10.15 Catalina.

I had a tkinter application that was working recently. Without making any changes to the code tkinter has started showing up with a black screen when the app opens. In the back ground the widgets brought into the app seem to working as I can see responses coming through on the command line. This has happened with all of the tkinter applications I have built out.

What could be leading to tkinter showing up with the black screen?

I have tried reinstalling python 3.7 and changed to python 3.8 both with no luck. At the time I was trying to get the pyinstaller tool to work on making the app an executable which required making some changes to the packages in pyinstaller due to issues with locating the tcl/tk modules. I did not think those would lead to this issue.