Tkinter Combobox events: How to get item before it is selected

The question is simple: if it is possible to get item of the combobox (or its index) before you select it - when it is highlighted because you’ve pointed it by mouse?
What events should help? Or they dont exist at all?
Thanks alot!

With no context (are you using tkinter or QT, for example?), it’s impossible to provide an answer. However, your comboBox should have an object ID that you can use to return its current value.

Something like…


Thanks for reply!
You asked, what lib am I using (Tkinter or QT) but in the title of this question there is already “Tkinter combobox…”. I thought it is obvious.
The problem hides in such a fact that when you move mouse through the list of values and have not already clicked to choose some value, the connected StringVar cant change its value. But all the events that I’ve found for tkinter Combobox are connected to this StringVar.
But I need to know, which list element is under mouse cursor while choosing the value (but before mouse click and corresponding StringVar value change)

I don’t recall seeing the reference to Tkinter. A best practice is to treat the title as a separate item and be clear and complete in the message body. It’s very easy to think things are obvious to others because they’re obvious to ourselves.

I re-read your post and the event you’re looking for is mouseover. (Sorry- I’m on my phone, which is another reason to present the information cleanly amd clearly.)

This StackOverflow answer has a possible solution. Please let us and future searchers know if it worked.

Thanks for the fast reply!
No this solution is not working for me, because I still cant get value of the highlighted value (before it is chosen).