Tool to Create Graphical User Interface for Python Applications


Hope you’re day is going well. I have the following question. Is there a drag and drop tool to easily create a Graphical User Interface for Python applications?

Example, after dragging and dropping command buttons, I would edit the Python code for the command buttons. I’m looking for something similar to Visual Basic or better. I’ve reviewed Tkinter and PYQT Designer but they are not a complete solution.

Your help would be greatly appreciated !

Why do you consider PyQt to be an incomplete solution? It has a pretty powerful qt designer. There’s also the bootstrap studio which you could combine with electron or eel. There are also some tools for tkinter which you have probably already reviewed.

Tkinter is not so hard to code by hand, plus you’ll learn far more by hand coding, rather than relying on a 3rd party app.

I’ve started to code an GUI front end that will generate a hash value for a given file, which can then be compared to the authentic publish hash value.

It’s very early in the design stage, but what I have so far, didn’t take too long to produce.


import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import Frame, LabelFrame, Entry

width  = 700
height = 400
bgColor = '#BABDB6'
textColor = 'black'
appFont = 'calibre',12

rootSize = str(width)+'x'+str(height)

root = tk.Tk()
root.resizable(False, False)

rootFrame = Frame(root, height=height, width=width, bg=bgColor)

fileLF = LabelFrame(rootFrame, 
    width  = width -30,
    height = 56,
    bg = bgColor,
    fg = textColor,
    text = 'File',
    font = (appFont)
), rely=0.02)

fileEntry = Entry(fileLF,
    width  = 50,
    bg = '#EEEEEC',
    fg = textColor,
    font = (appFont)
), rely=0.01)


Pygubu is the nice one, I have used it several times. To me, coding is something new, so I hire devs for my projects. I also work with this QA team for testing my software.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Very appreciated. My personal preference is to use a single development framework for Python. I like using a designer to layout the interface with the objects, such as labels and command buttons, and then program the buttons and application. After this I like testing and troubleshooting, and finally deploying the application.

I’m researching Visual Basic 2022 Community Edition to see if has all the features I’m looking for. PyQt5, QT Designer, and PyCharm is also an option. I’m just concerned that I have to convert the .ui file to .py. Conversions sometimes result in issues. I’d like to have a solution where conversion is not needed so that I can avoid a layer of troubleshooting.

I’ll look into Pygubu.

Thanks again everyone.

Try this link for more.

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Thank you for the link: PAGE looks very interesting and I’m going to have a play around with that :+1: