Transfer the OWNER of torch_npu to someone else

Just like the title says.

The project named torch_npu now has two maintainers, the IDs are FFFrog and heidongxianhua, and the ID named heidongxianhua is the only OWNER of torch_npu.

However, the password for heidongxianhua has been forgotten, and the email address associated with heidongxianhua has also become invalid. So is there a way to make FFFrog as the OWNER of torch_npu?

You should read PEP 541.

In particular, while I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong in this case, it is true that there’s no immediate way to distinguish this request from a malicious user trying to steal ownership of the project - the stringent rules in PEP 541 are explicitly to protect against that possibility.

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Hi @FFFrog! :wave:

If you want to request an account recovery or ask for a package name transfer (i.e. the policy for which is described in PEP 541), please file an issue using one of the forms at the following link: You will need a GitHub account to do so.

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Thank you very much.