Turn off the "times clicked" counts in Discourse?

(Gregory P. Smith) #1

I’m finding the little round “times clicked” bubbles next to hyperlinks to be distracting and potentially misleading. It makes me not want to click on anything in discourse as I know I’m altering a visible counter that will change other’s perception as a result. Why does it bug me? Following a link is not a vote for said links importance, I haven’t seen the link’s content yet! Displaying the number by the link treats it as a minor form of unattributed :green_heart: icon of endorsement. Can that “feature” just be disabled entirely for everyone?

(Antoine Pitrou) #2

Just when I earned the “Popular Link” award!

(""“This badge is granted when a link you shared gets 50 clicks. Thanks for posting a useful link that added interesting context to the conversation!”"")

(Zachary Ware) #3


My usual workaround is to click links from the email notification, not from the post :slight_smile:

(Pablo Galindo Salgado) #4

Sadly there is not an official way of doing this yet. Here is some info on the decision:

But being said that, after some hacking I managed to hide it for everyone in our discourse with a custom CSS. If you reload your static files the counter in the links should be gone (please confirm). :slight_smile:

Edit: I am going to test maintaining the count hidden for a while to check if that breaks something else so we can make a better decision in the future.