Turtles & Basic functions

I am trying to get my turtle to move forward using t.forward(50), writing within the Shell as instructed by the book but I’m getting error messages. I am using Windows 10 and I have the latest version of Python installed. I can however make the cursor into a turtle shape but I cannot get it to move.

Hi and welcome.

Not something that I’ve ever done, but I can recommend a very good website for learning many Python topics:

Hi rob42. Thank you for the tip. I’ll check it out.

No worries.

Remember: if you need some help with code, please post your code formatted. If you have any question about that, then feel free to ask.

We can’t help you understand what the book is trying to tell you, unless we see what it tells you.

We can’t help you understand an error message, unless we see the error message. It’s an error message and not just an error claim (“oh no, something bad happened”) for a reason. They are written specifically to try to tell you something about the problem.

We can’t explain what is wrong with code like t.forward(50), unless we see the surrounding context. I assume you understand, at a minimum, that for t.forward to mean something, there has to already be something in the program called t, and that t has to have a forward. Did you create a Turtle instance, for example? Before trying to use turtle graphics, did you study using Python for command-line programs?