Typing Meetup: July 17, 9-10am PDT

Hi folks!

We are planning to have our next meetup Wednesday, July 17, 9-10 am PDT.

@adriangb volunteered to give a talk on PEP 746, which is currently our only topic.

We may have time for one other talk, if you’d like to present let me know soon!

The zoom info for this meetup:

The meeting info:
Topic: Python Typing Meetup - July
Time: Jul 17, 2024 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 961 3349 8815
Passcode: 359127


If there is time, we could have a discussion about the state of the typing spec and what to prioritize next. I’m happy to prepare some materials and lead this discussion.

We’ve made good progress over the past year in creating a typing spec, filling in missing chapters, and clarifying ambiguities, but there is still much left to do. I’ve been maintaining a long “to do” list. I’d love to get feedback from community members about where to focus next — and perhaps even sign up some volunteers to write these sections.


That sounds great, we can plan on you leading a discussion after Adrian’s.


Oh and I should have mentioned - I’m planning to record this, we can discuss in the meetup the best way to share, assuming everyone is comfortable with that.

I’m wondering whether eventually it would make sense to livestream it (that’s what the PyTorch OSS community does with their meetups).

For reference, that’s 16:00 UTC if I’m not mistaken.

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Tip: we use Are we meeting yet? to help co-ordinate the docs meetings, it shows UTC and your local time.

(For example: Documentation community meeting: Tuesday 2nd July, 2024)


I won’t be able to make this meetup (I’ll be in Australia - local time 2am), but if there’s a recording, I’ll definitely catch that!

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Very edifying to attend, thank you to the speakers/hosts. I hope in the near future to contribute where I have some relevant experience in the areas @erictraut highlighted.

Also, @adriangb I realized my account on here is too new for messaging. If you’d like to follow up briefly out-of-band about Annotated vis-a-vis weird Pydantic use cases, my public-facing/professional email is dlukes@ucsd.edu.

– Dylan


If anyone’s interested, here are the slides I presented during the meetup.


I posted the recording here.

The resolution is a little low, I’ll have to look more at my settings, but it should be usable plus we can share the slides separately (thanks for posting yours Eric!)


Thanks for the recording! I couldn’t make it live, but listening to it (and occasionally having to look at the screen on a few specifics) was nice to hear more about 746, as well as typing priorities.

As someone who has pushed work around intersections a bit and who wants some level of this to work for python, I agree with @erictraut 's assessment about a low ROI for intersections and HKTs. Right now, I think the most value that’s come from inspecting either of these has been finding places where we have a shaky existing ground to build upon, but even that has not been the most productive process in turning that information into things that can be more immediately addressed.

If there’s interest from other type checkers about overload resolution (as was stated as a condition to that being worth working on next), this is something I’ve already been exploring as part of other work, and can share what notes I already have, but I don’t want to drive the work on this one.