Typing Summit at PyCon US 2024 (17 May 2024)

@stroxler and I are happy to invite anyone who is interested to the 2024 Typing Summit, which will be held during PyCon US in Pittsburgh on May 17.

This is a space for everyone interested in Python typing to come together and discuss the type system. There will be a series of talks, and an opportunity for discussion after each talk. If you’re interested in attending, and especially if you’d like to present, please respond to this Google form:

The summit will be held on Friday this year (not Thursday like in previous years), due to scheduling issues. All PyCon attendees are welcome at the summit.


If anybody knows of a similar initiative for the EuroPython or is interested in one please let me know.

As far as I know there hasn’t been a similar meeting at EuroPython. I would encourage anyone interested to organize one.

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I’d like to put out another call for interested speakers and attendees: If there’s a topic around the type system that you’d like to discuss with the wider community, please sign up at PyCon 2024 Typing Summit interest form and propose your talk.


Would this summit have any livestream? It may help people who wants to participate in remotely like me.

Unfortunately that probably won’t be possible.