UML tool for python


I’m learning Python and I’m making small games using pygame.
Because my games will use classes I’m search for a tool that can import my python code files (.py) and automatically generate UML class diagrams from the source code. So the tool should extract the classes and convert it to UML.

The reason I want this is to have a class diagram which I can use to think about the class design of my games. So I will change the diagram in the tool to improve the class design and then make the same changes in my Python code.

I prefer a free and/or open source tool.

Can anybody help me?

(Also other free tools supporting the Python code design are welcome. Note that I am NOT looking for an IDE)


Hi, have you tried Pynsource - UML tool for Python. Its available on Ubuntu. I tried it but its not very complex and doesn’t do a lot. As far as I can see for true UML tools then you need to look at propriety solutions which have Python as a subset, and generate python code.