Unable to install pyo

Hi everyone,
I’m new to python and to programming in general. I’m in the process of learning python with the pyo module. I have python 3.11 on osx 12.5, and when i try to install pyo using pip, i have the following error :

 1 error generated.
  error: command '/usr/bin/clang' failed with exit code 1
  [end of output]

note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.
ERROR: Failed building wheel for pyo
Failed to build pyo
ERROR: Could not build wheels for pyo, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects

Any idea ?
Thanks in advance.

You are not giving any details about the failure, so I cannot give specific help, but I saw that other users also reported build problems on MacOS. Sometimes they report work-arounds and give hints about how to install extra dependencies, so you might find a solution by looking in the pyo bug tracker (error installing on mac M1 system · Issue #267 · belangeo/pyo · GitHub)

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