Unable to view the methods of np array after declaring it

While I am doing the program in Jupiter notebook. The methods on the testArray1 in the cell [7] are not displayed when clicking on the tab.
Please find the below screenshot. Could you please check and help me regarding this.


You should really ask on a Jupyter support forum - this is not the correct forum for such a question.

Can I ask what made you think that this forum would be a good place to ask this? If there’s some way we can improve the description of the forum to help people locate the correct place for their questions, that would be useful.

Hi @pf_moore, thanks for your quick response.

I am new to the python platform, i have searched in google and arrived to this forum.
Now i will ask jupiter team regarding this. Thanks

Hmm, did someone move the post to the “users” category? When I said it was in the wrong place I was specifically thinking of the “packaging” category, which is where I think it originally was. I don’t know enough about the “users” topic to know if it’s on-topic there.

Yes, the post has been moved from Packaging to Users, I don’t know who
did it.

I think the question would be fine in Users, although being a
specialised Jupyter question it is possible that nobody here would have
an answer. I know I don’t.

I think the Users category is fine for questions about the broader
Python ecosystem, including Jupyter, but the more specialised the
question the more likely you will need to go to a dedicated forum to get
an answer.

Ganesh, if you do get an answer elsewhere, would you be kind enough to
please post the solution here as well, for the benefit of future users
who have the same problem as you? Thank you.

Thanks, @steven.daprano, for helping here.

I am checking with jupiter channel as well. If I find a solution I would post it here. Meanwhile, if somebody finds a solution from this channel that would be great. Thanks in advance.