Uninstall Python-3.10 clearly on Mac

I downloaded and installed python 3.10. But now I wanted to uninstall this and install python 3.9 by brew. How do I uninstall python 3.10 clearly. It would be nice if the downloaded software has a uninstall application or something to remove only the python 3.10 that I downloaded.

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It is easier than it looks. Check version of Python of Mac which is already installed -
this is mostly 2.7 or 2.9 ?!
In Mac there are “tools” when you look for apps in Desktop - one tool
is the “terminal” - there you could un-install Python3 by typing :

sudo uninstall file://python3

But Version 2.7 or 2.9 should stay - because it is most stable version.
Which year was your Mac built ?! (When did you purchase it ?).

More is explained here about Mac :