Upcoming Python Distribution & Packaging Roundtable (Tue 9 May)

Hello, everyone – I’m posting to let folks know about a free Python distribution/packaging roundtable that OpenTeams is hosting next week, at 11am EDT on Tue 9 May. It’s part of our initial community-events effort for the open source architect network we’re trying to build.

Some may recall this Twitter thread started by Travis Oliphant, downstream of the recent packaging strategy discussions here and of the related Talk Python To Me packaging panel.

Essentially, while the PyPA umbrella is big, there is a lot of Python distribution and packaging that happens outside of it, and we wanted to get representatives from that broader community together and discuss use cases, features, challenges, etc. from that perspective. We’ve got folks lined up from Conan, Conda, CPython, EasyBuild, Homebrew, meson-python, Nix, scikit-build, and Spack.

If you’re interested, go to this page to register and to get more info. And, please ask me any questions you might have.

(Note: we do recognize that this panel does not represent the entire extended universe of Python distribution and packaging, and that this event could easily be the first of several, in an effort to capture the full scope of the ecosystem. Recommendations for other projects to engage in future events would be most welcome.)