Update to 3.11 successfully downloaded but not actually running

I downloaded the 3.11 update both from homebrew and from the .dmg file on the website, but when I type in python3 --version it still says 3.8.8 and I cannot run certain scripts because of this :confused:

Try using

python3.11 --version


I have something similar in WSL:

csm10495@csm10495-desk:~ $ python3 --version
Python 3.8.10
csm10495@csm10495-desk:~ $ python3.11 --version
Python 3.11.2
csm10495@csm10495-desk:~ $

After downloading it, what specific steps did you take to install it?

I just installed by clicking on the dmg file and opening it from mac’s installer - it did say installation was complete, but I’m unsure if it’s being used

Thank you this worked! Does that mean for every command where I use “python” or even “python3” I have to use “python3.11” instead?

If you want to use that Python installation, then yes. As it stands, writing python or python3 will (try to) use the previous installation instead.

You can also choose to configure the system so that these commands refer to the new installation instead of the old one. The right way to do this will depend on how those commands were set up in the first place. For Mac, this should be relevant: