Urgent Assistance Required - Restoration of Deleted PyPI Library MechEyeAPI

Dear staff,
I am an employee of the Chinese company MechMind Robotics. Due to a lack of understanding of PyPI’s mechanisms, I accidentally deleted all versions of our company’s MechEyeAPI library during a migration process. Despite exhaustive efforts, I was unable to restore them.
The company’s original source code has been refactored and we can no longer package and upload the old versions of the wheel to PyPI. The deletion of the MechEyeAPI library has already affected a significant number of users. We earnestly request the assistance of the PyPI staff to urgently restore it for our company. Should you require any proof from us, please contact Lsiricreat@163.com.

By design, PyPI does not allow uploading a file with a file name that was once served, even if it was deleted (Help · PyPI).

However, you can add a “build tag” to the wheel file names in order to make them different from the old file names. This feature is intended for cases of botched releases. Concretely, given a file named yourproject-theversion-py3-none-any.whl (or such) that you cannot upload, you could try renaming that file to yourproject-theversion-1-py3-none-any.whl (with added -1 after the version).

You will not be able to re-upload source distributions with that method though. For that, I think the only solution would be to make “post releases”, by appending post1 to each of the version numbers as documented here: Version specifiers - Python Packaging User Guide (this will solve the problem for wheels at the same time).

Good luck.

Thank you very much for your response. As you mentioned, if it is uploaded to the production environment, we can only re-tag and rebuild from the source code. However, our source code has been refactored, and we are unable to find the historical version. Could you please help to restore the corresponding wheel from the backend?

I’m not a PyPi admin, and I don’t think PyPI has an established process for requesting “undeletions” like this. I am not even sure that it kept a copy of each of your files around after you deleted them.

You should really be using a version control system like Git to be able to go back in code history.

If you truly cannot get the source code, maybe try finding a PyPI mirror that’s not been updated yet?

Thank you for your prompt reply. Our team has resolved the issue, and your advice was very helpful. Once again, thank you and I wish you a pleasant life.