Using Python Backend Mobile Technology

Hi everyone,

I’ve come here to ask for some help. I want to create a mobile application for Android using Flutter or any other GUI technology, while having the backend processing done by Python. Is it possible for Android to run a local Python API in order to communicate with another programming language? Is this strategy viable? Unfortunately, I can’t host the Python API, which is why I have this doubt. Thank you for your assistance

It’s not at all clear what you have in mind here. For example, by “the backend” do you mean that there will be another Python program running on the phone? Or do you mean that the “mobile application” is actually in a web browser, and “the backend” runs on a server that will be reached over the Internet? Or that you want to use Python and another programming language (which programming language? Dart? JavaScript? Something else?) in the same program? Or something else?

imagen the Python with run local mobile and process inputs from dart, end response will be displayed to flutter, python is good to process data but not easy make gui, i want use in mobile to process inputs from user that another lagungue gui and response.