Using Python with a Screen Reader, successfully

Hi! I am a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments. Does anyone have experience learning to code with Python while using a screen reader? What adaptations did you use to be successful? Any insights or help would be appreciated.

I’m sighted and these are my recollections of how a blind friend programmer used to work with python. Hopefully you get information from visualy impaired programmers that will be better then my second hand information.

You did not say which OS you are using. He found debian best for its support of brail keyboard and using espeak(?) for reading the screen. He did not use a GUI, only working from a CLI terminal. He Windows and macOS very slow to use compared to debian.

You might want to talk to the people that are on There is a mailing list with experienced people to ask for advice.

He used a combination of brail keyboard and screen reader.
Screen reader will not be able to express the indent of the code that is white space in python.
The brail keyboard will be able to, but watch out for long lines. Good brail keyboards stop at 80 columns.