Verification Functions

I have this code I am trying to make but I am confused on what I am supposed to do for the entire thing. This is the instructions:

Have you written any functions at all before now? They ask you to write
a function like this:

def get_verified_integer(prompt, min, max):

which issues the prompt repeated to receive an integer input. If the
input string is a valid integer and within the supplied bounds, you
should return it. Otherwise you should prompt again; that suggests a
loop to keep prompting.

Write yourself a simple function with the header above, and stick it in
your starting code as they suggest. Run it, see how it behaves.

If you reach a point where you do not know how to proceed, reply to
this message thread including your complete code and some example
output showing how it isn’t doing what you want.

Put the code and the output between triple backticks (```) to preserve
the indenting.

Cameron Simpson