VeryGreen and New to python. Several Questions please

Question: Which one do I use? I know there is an abbreviation for these programs I forgot. Currently have installed Anaconda // PyChrm CE // VSC? which one would you recommend?
I like all of them But I want to get better at VSc.
(I did install the following in VSC > python, pylance, prettier, code runner, code spell Checker, docker, and Jupyter)

Question: Can a video or guide show me how to set up VSC as a beginner to get the most out of it? (I would love an “explain it to me like I’m 5”)

Question: Why does the code work on PyCharm but not in VSC? (see screenshot)

Thank you in advance for your suggestions, help, and advice. and for taking the time to read this. I do appreciate it.

Hi Lenny.

As you said that you are new to python, so just take anaconda as a version manager of python. You can switch between multiple versions and there are some difference in different version.

Pycharm CE is a professional python IDE. VSC is an editor but it has so many plugins to enhanced development experience, and it is not only for python. If you want to get better at VSC, just keep using it.

I don’t have any video as a recommended tutorial for you, so take a look at VSC documentation would help.

In Pycharm you are executing the current source file when you click the RUN button. In VSC, i think you just run the python command in terminal but you don’t tell python which source file to execute yet. You can try python

If you want to run your program in VSC you push the right-facing arrow button in the top right corner… the terminal at the bottom doesn’t have any real connection to what you’re typing in the editor, it’s just a PowerShell instance; clicking the “run” button is a macro that executes “%PYTHONPATH% %SCRIPTPATH%”. What you actually did was launch a new REPL instance, and then immediately try to call a function that lives in a file.

thank you, guys, for the answer. I appreciate it very much.