Virtual EMG prosthetic arm

Hi, is it possible to draw virtual prosthetic arm and to be tested with real EMG signals and NN code?

A friend of mine in Sydney developed a glove with internal sensors that he puts on his hand and makes finger movements that are recorded, and then built a virtual hand that he controls with these recorded impulses.

It’s not easy to put 3D position sensors on the arm, but it’s possible to attach LEDs and use a 3D camera to generate an artificial arm in a computer that replicates the movements of a human arm.

You can simultaneously record and map EMG signals and analyze which sequences of EMG signals make which arm movements.

That is, it’s not that difficult, but it does require reading the literature and setting a goal you’re aiming for.

If you are interested, I can help you.


Yes, i’m interested

Ok, so I need to buy 3D camera for tests.

There is a number of projects named after your question

Since what you get from EMG sensors is highly noisy signal, he is using pressure sensors for finger movements.

I would like to enter more relevant web links but Python forum deletes multi-link answers.

Try a single pressure sensor attached to your arm if it can measure muscle activity correctly.


have you tried a single pressure sensor to work for you ?

EMG signals are highly noisy to record or process.
Pressure sensors are easy to use, attach to and to read output data

pressure sensors work fine in the glove for finger movements


I don’t for now.

At this stage i wish to try it virtually and then to spend money for equipment.
But can’t find the right program/software. Any help?

ok, so read about smart gloves developed by Lui Gough

Tried to buy Kinect 3D camera for Windows for you but none available locally at this time

Just enter Virtual EMG prosthetic arm
into bing search engine to get links to 10+ alike projects

Can we extract file from solidworks, can we put it in PyCharm (for example), and program it with python/pyqt to get functionality ?