Visual studio code

Hello everyone i have a basic question it wont take much time for experts. Few months ago i created a code (Im more use to matlab than python) in google colab, there structure of code as i get it, goes by parts, first part is loading packages like numpy, second part is declaring the variables, third part is solve equations, last part is visualizing results, so i run the code by part, but this same code i do not have any idea how to run it in visual studio, it returns an error saying numpy wanst include, thus the code i created in colab i cant make it work in visual studio what im doing wrong.
Thanak you

Hi Jorge,

Please copy and paste the full error message, starting with the line
“Traceback…” to the end. Don’t take a screenshot or a photo, copy it
as text please.

Did you import numpy using one of these lines, or something else?

import numpy

import numpy as np

If you didn’t, you need to do that.

Hi returns this error

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "c:\Users\user\Documents\Master\Biomedicina\Ejercicio 1\Datos tarea 1\", line 17, in <module>
    from numpy import *
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'numpy'

As i get it numpy is not imported
Thank you

Okay, that means that numpy is not installed on your computer.

If this was working previously, and is not working now, that means that
there are at least four possibilities:

  • you have deleted or uninstalled numpy;

  • you are running as a different user, and don’t have access to numpy;

  • you are running as the same user as before, but using a new version
    of Python that does not have numpy installed for that version;

  • you are running the code on a new computer that has Python installed
    but not numpy.

Whatever the reason, the solution is to install numpy. Do you need help
with that?

Yes please, i think it will return this error in every library (As numpy or packages i dont know how are usually called), in my case i have bundle of scripts given to me created in python from gibhub i see a lot of files with extension cfg, toml, yaml, etc, im master student and my task to complete this master, is to implement a new algorithm (This code uses Runge-Kutta to solve numerically the equations, i have to improve this code, is my task and i dont even know how to run the code tbh). Will you help me to install numpy and then to learn at the same time how install others i would need.
Thank you