Volunteering to be a coordinator of the Japanese translation team

Hello from Japan,

The current coordinator of the Japanese translation team for the Python documentation is Kinebuchi-san, who has been actively working with Inada-san(@methane) on the translation for many years. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Kinebuchi-san is currently unable to participate as actively as he used to. Therefore, I, Atsuo Ishimoto, would like to volunteer as an additional coordinator to help manage the Github repository and Transifex.

I have had the following involvement with Python.

  • Python user since the mid-1990s
  • Establishment of a Python mailing list in Japan
  • Development and maintenance of Python for the Japanese version of Windows
  • Started a project to translate Python documentation into Japanese.
  • Author of the PEP 3138 - String representation in Python 3000, accepted in 2008.

I hope to be registered as a coordinator of the Japanese translation team and am eager to contribute to the Japanese translation of the Python documentation.


Thank you for stepping up!

@julien what’s needed to be done so that @atsuoishimoto can become the translation coordinator for the Japanese documentation?

TL;DR: A PR on the devguide to update the page.

It would probably be great to get an approval of the actual coordinator on the PR, but if not mandated by the PEP 545: we’re humans.

There’s almost nothing formally written about the coordinator role, as I wanted each translation team to handle it independently. It’s just that having a point of contact per translation can proove usefull to relay important informations or things like that.

Happens that “not writing things down” leads to “let’s ask Julien” (which is not a problem, and I’m happy to reply) while I’ve written this PEP trying to not become a SPOF :slight_smile:

Thank you. I created a PR.

Sorry for pinging you again. Who else have access to transifex? Who can grant access to it to @atsuoishimoto ?

Also, what is the procedure for adding new coordinators to the docs language translation repo?

Transifex admins are :

  • rafaelff1 - Rafael Fontenelle
  • songofacandy - Inada Naoki
  • hinaclegear - Arihiro TAKASE
  • cocoatomo - tomo
  • m_aciek - Maciej Olko
  • JulienPalard - Julien Palard (But I don’t use transifex…)

Just invited @atsuoishimoto to the transifex org admin.

Also, what is the procedure for adding new coordinators to the docs language translation repo?

It often takes an intervention of Ee to add an admin to a github repo, I’m not admin of python-docs-ja on Github.

I invited @atsuoishimoto to python/python-docs-ja now.

@Mariatta @julien @methane Great! I confirmed the registration of the GitHub repo and Transifex. Thank you to all involved.