Vote to promote Adam Turner

I’d like to nominate Adam Turner (@AA-Turner / @AA-Turner on GitHub) as a core developer.

  • Promote Adam Turner
  • Don’t promote Adam Turner
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He’s been doing a very good job as triager since May 2022, added as a member of the Docs Community to help review and approve docs-related PRs. In the CPython repo, he has had 100 PRs merged and was involved in some 170 issues, and many more across our other repos such as the devguide (including reorganisation) and Python Docs Sphinx Theme (including JavaScript rewrites).

Adam is primarily interested in docs tooling; he is a maintainer of Sphinx and Docutils, an active member of the Python Docs Community, and editor of What’s New In Python 3.12 (meta-issue).

He did excellent work in writing and implementing PEP 676 (“PEP Infrastructure Process”) to overhaul the PEPs website; making it much more usable and accessible for readers, easier to edit for authors, and easier to maintain and update.

As a PEP Editor, Adam is currently sponsoring PEPs 723 (“Embedding pyproject.toml in single-file scripts”) and 726 (“Module __setattr__ and __delattr__”). He’s also interested in core workflow, and has also worked on ensurepip, calendar and Argument Clinic.

I believe Adam would make a valuable addition to the team, and I’d be happy to mentor him.


+1 from me! I’ve worked with Adam on several docs issues, and he’s a pleasure to work with. I think he’ll be a very good addition to the team; we need more docs focused core devs.


Congratulations @AA-Turner, the vote passed with 97% of 32 votes, well above the two-thirds minimum! I’ve emailed the steering council requesting they grant commit privileges. Assuming no SC objections, you should hear from them soon. Welcome to the team!


Thanks @hugovk for shepherding this vote.

Congrats @AA-Turner. Well deserved :smiley:


All of Adam’s stuff should now be flipped on.