Vote to promote C.A.M. Gerlach

I propose promoting C.A.M. Gerlach to CPython core developer.

C.A.M. has been a dedicated contributor to Python development for quite some time. My interactions with him have been very positive and he’s someone I would love to continue working with. I believe promoting him to CPython core developer will benefit not just CPython, but the many other areas he helps with.

Some stats:

The poll will be open for 7 full days (from the time of posting).

  • Promote CAM Gerlach
  • Don’t promote CAM Gerlach

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I would like to second Ken’s nomination. I have been working with CAM for more than a year now, mostly on the peps repo, and I have seen him done a lot of hard and thankless work improving documentation infrastructure. In the past, there have been some issues because CAM can be verbose to the point of being overwhelming, but he recognizes the problem and is working hard to do better. I have been helping him in that area and will continue to do so.

I’ll be delighted to welcome CAM to the core team just in time for PyCon!


Hi all, I messed up the poll and had to reset it. Please vote again. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I’d also like to second this nomination!
I’ll add that CAM has been great at getting tribal knowledge written down, improving the experience for those who aren’t seasoned core devs.

Since we started voting on Discourse, I think we’ve only promoted core devs who focus on code itself. As a reminder, in the words of PEP 13, “as the project matures, contributions go beyond code”. I think it’s past time to have a core dev focused on documentation and process.

I’ve been mentoring CAM for a few years, and will continue as needed. But he’s meticulous to a fault, so mentroring often comes down to saying “yes, go ahead! And you really didn’t have to spend a weekend writing up the proposal” :‍)


Well, we’d like to 3rd the nomination :sweat_smile:!

We have worked closely with him organizing this and last year’s PyCon US Packaging Summit, and it has been a pleasure. Adding to what others have written already, CAM is open to feedback, extremely helpful, and motivated, as can be seen from the stats above, so I think this promotion is a long time coming.

CAM would be a great addition to the team.


Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!


+1 from me. I’ve been working with CAM for the last year in the docs community. CAM helped organize the Docs community Diataxis workshop with myself and Ned Batchelder, an event which went really well. With CAM’s involvement and prodding, we get many recent improvements done. One big task that I’m appreciative of is the fine-tuning triager’s permission on the CPython repo (Final Proposal for SC Consideration: Enabling GitHub features for triagers without commit rights · Issue #144 · python/steering-council · GitHub) which involves analysing problems in the workflow, suggesting improvements, and coordinating with core devs and steering council. The work improves our overall workflow, allowing triagers to have more flexibility so they can better help us and the contributors.

I’ve heard concerns from other core devs about Cam’s communication style. Since I know him, I understand he’s well intended, and he has always been open to feedback if we just tell him about it. I’ll be mentoring him on this aspect so we can all communicate with each other better.


Big +1 from me as well. I’ve worked a lot with CAM the last year, and I think he is a pleasure to work with. I won’t repeat all the endorsements from the other posts, but I second them all.


Thanks for voting everyone!. Email to SC sent.