Vote to promote Carl Meyer

I am nominating Carl Meyer (@carljm, carljm (Carl Meyer) · GitHub) as a core developer. Carl is very experienced in the Python open-source community, for example as an early contributor to Django and pip. He now works on improving Python performance at Meta (Cinder and Static Python). He has contributed several changes from Meta back to CPython, including PYTHONPYCACHEPREFIX and the dictionary and type watcher APIs.

He has 24 merged PRs (Pull requests · python/cpython · GitHub) and has contributed to about 75 issues (Issues · python/cpython · GitHub). He (co)authored PEP 405 (virtual environments), PEP 438 (file hosting on PyPI), and PEP 690 (lazy imports).

We’re lucky to have Carl’s expertise on many areas of Python, and he would be a great addition to the core developer team.

  • Promote Carl Meyer
  • Don’t promote Carl Meyer

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I think I’ve learned a lot from @carljm just by reading his conversations on the Core Team Discord channel, so I think his knowledge of CPython performance improvements would be a great addition to the core developers’ understanding of performance improvements.


@carljm is just awesome. I think that it is a bug that he is not yet a committer :slight_smile: I enjoyed every single interaction I had with him and mentioning here just a bunch of exceptional ones would be a disservice to the rest :metal: +\aleph_0 votes from me (check this if you don’t get the reference).


Carl has a very deep understanding of the internals of the runtime and the compiler, not to mention the intricacies of the import machinery. I enjoy reading his reviews and pull-requests on GitHub, and posts here on Discourse. He is also a fantastic triager; I trust his judgement. Big +1 from me.


The poll has closed with 98% of 46 votes in favor, congratulations! I’ll reach out to the SC for the next steps.


And the SC is in favour of promoting Carl!


Thanks for the nomination, the kind words, and the votes of confidence!