Vote to promote Cheryl Sabella as a core developer

(Gregory P. Smith) #21

+1 to bringing Cheryl in.


(Giampaolo Rodola) #22

+1 from me as well. I took a quick look at the commits and I appreciate the focus on the TDD + it’s a name I’ve seen popping up on the bug tracker for a while now, denoting passion/involvement.

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(Nathaniel J. Smith) #23

+1 for sure.


(Julien Palard) #24

+1 too, seen Cheryl many times on b.p.o, PRs, and the doc, I only have positive feedback in mind so an obvious +1 for me too :smile:


(Brett Cannon) #25

+1 from me.

Any reason this wasn’t done as a poll for easier tracking of the results?


(Brett Cannon) split this topic #26

5 posts were split to a new topic: How to collect votes for proposed new core devs?


(Xiang Zhang) #27

+1. Work with her on some issues, definitely qulified.


(Paul Moore) #29

+1 for Cheryl from me too.

Agreed, I don’t think the current process (ask for votes and comments on the list/Discourse) has caused us any problems so far, so why fix what isn’t broken?

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(Nick Coghlan) #33

+1 from me as well - after noticing her contributions last year, I actually asked Cheryl if anyone was already helping her navigate the path towards become a core developer in her own right (and Victor and Terry had already taken that on by the time I asked).


(Brett Cannon) #34

FYI I moved the discussion about how to collect votes to a separate topic but I left Paul’s comment here as it included his vote for Cheryl.


(Victor Stinner) #35

Result of the vote: 21 “+1”, 0 “-1”.

List of +1 votes:

  1. Andrew Svetlov
  2. Antoine Pitrou
  3. Berker Peksag
  4. Brett Cannon
  5. Carol Willing
  6. Eric Snow
  7. Giampaolo Rodola
  8. Gregory P. Smith
  9. Julien Palard
  10. Mariatta
  11. Nathaniel J. Smith
  12. Ned Deily
  13. Nick Coghlan
  14. Pablo Galindo Salgado
  15. Paul Moore
  16. Senthil
  17. Steve Dower
  18. Terry Jan Reedy
  19. Tim Peters
  20. Victor Stinner (implicit +1 when I opened the vote)
  21. Xiang Zhang
  22. Yury Selivanov
  23. Zachary Ware

According to the new PEP 13, the vote is now waiting for the veto or no veto of the Steering Committee.

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(Inada Naoki) #36

It seems excellent work. Thanks and +1 to her.


(Guido van Rossum) #37

The Steering Council accepts the vote to promote Cheryl Sabella as a core developer. Congratulations Cheryl!


(Cheryl Sabella) #38

I simply cannot thank everyone enough. From my first :tada: from Mariatta up through my nomination and promotion to core dev, this has been an incredibly welcoming community. My experience here has been much more than just about Python and that’s what has impressed me the most. You are all amazing people and I’m grateful to be part of this.

And I would be remiss not to thank Guido for creating this community. CPython was the first open source project that I contributed to and I really hit the jackpot to find a nurturing group instead of a toxic one. I know that came from the top down, so thank you.


(Carol Willing) #39

This warms my heart to hear. :smile: