Vote to promote Cheryl Sabella as a core developer

(Gregory P. Smith) #21

+1 to bringing Cheryl in.

(Giampaolo Rodola) #22

+1 from me as well. I took a quick look at the commits and I appreciate the focus on the TDD + it’s a name I’ve seen popping up on the bug tracker for a while now, denoting passion/involvement.

(Nathaniel J. Smith) #23

+1 for sure.

(Julien Palard) #24

+1 too, seen Cheryl many times on b.p.o, PRs, and the doc, I only have positive feedback in mind so an obvious +1 for me too :smile:

(Brett Cannon) #25

+1 from me.

Any reason this wasn’t done as a poll for easier tracking of the results?

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(Xiang Zhang) #27

+1. Work with her on some issues, definitely qulified.

(Paul Moore) #29

+1 for Cheryl from me too.

Agreed, I don’t think the current process (ask for votes and comments on the list/Discourse) has caused us any problems so far, so why fix what isn’t broken?

(Nick Coghlan) #33

+1 from me as well - after noticing her contributions last year, I actually asked Cheryl if anyone was already helping her navigate the path towards become a core developer in her own right (and Victor and Terry had already taken that on by the time I asked).

(Brett Cannon) #34

FYI I moved the discussion about how to collect votes to a separate topic but I left Paul’s comment here as it included his vote for Cheryl.