Vote to promote Dennis Sweeney

I don’t know how well Dennis is known, but I’ve interacted with him many times.

He’s pursuing a doctorate in mathematics, so isn’t as obsessively :wink: active in Python-land as some of us are at times.

Dennis is bright, capable, sensible, and has always been a pleasure to work with. His most substantial code contribution to date that I know of was a first-rate implementation of Crochemore and Perrin’s
“Two-Way” subtle string-matching algorithm, which runs in worst-case linear time but with much cheaper preprocessing than other such algorithms require. I “mentored” him to a significant extent on that, but he really didn’t need much guidance. He quickly picked up the CPython coding style, and was very pragmatic & creative in keeping the best aspects of Fredrik Lundh’s previous string-matching code. And he showed great common sense by not going on to try to extend it to backward searches too: it’s quite an involved algorithm, and forward searches were the overwhelmingly most important case.

Beyond that, I continue to bump into him on the issue tracker and GitHub code reviews, where he’s always helpful. Most recently he asked whether I’d merge a PR of his, and I was astonished to realize he didn’t have “the commit bit” yet. I have every confidence in that the project would benefit if he did have it.

FYI, here’s his GitHub home (sweeneyde).

In accord with PEP 13, I’ll close the poll a week from now (a bit before midnight, CST, February 1)

It is granted by receiving at least two-thirds positive votes in a core team vote that is open for one week and with no veto by the steering council.

  • Promote Dennis Sweeney
  • Do not promote Dennis Sweeney

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I voted for him! Tim is right, Dennis totally belongs in the core team. He’s been active in the faster-cpython tracker too and I appreciate his contributions there.


He has made many valuable contributions to optimizing the performance of CPython.
He deserves a promotion.


Ah, the vote passed. Someone needs to do the rest. Congratulations Dennis!


The steering council was informed early in the week, and they’re on it. Welcome, Dennis! He’s just balking some at booking a flight to Oslo for the secret initiation ceremony :wink:.