Vote to promote Hugo van Kemenade

I would like to nominate Hugo van Kemenade for CPython core dev privileges.

GitHub profile:

For the past few years @hugovk has been actively contributing to CPython, documentation, infrastructure and workflow. He is also a member of the PEP editors.

He gained Triage privileges this year on Jan 4, 2022. Since then he continued to be active and review various PRs, and is actively involved in the docs community.

Currently he has 61 merged PRs in CPython. He’s been involved in hundreds of issues and PRs.

I invited Hugo to attend the core dev sprint in Sunnyvale last month, and I believe it was a positive and productive experience for all of us.

Not only Hugo is active in CPython, he’s also maintains and contributes to many other Python libraries, including pillow, and black.

With his skills and experience, I believe Hugo would be a great addition to the core Python team.

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+1 to promote Huge!

He is proactive on helping projects to handle incompatible changes: run code search, propose fixes, and add summaries on the related Python issues. That’s really helpful to make the newer Python versions a great success as soon as the Python 3.x.0 final release!


Thanks for voting! The poll closed yesterday with positive result: 97% of votes for Hugo’s promotion. I’ve written to steering-council yesterday for next steps.


The SC met today and approved Hugo’s promotion!

@Mariatta can you send me Hugo’s email so I can get details from them to turn on their privileges?


Thank you! I sent it to you via Discord DM

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Thanks all for the support, and especially to @Mariatta for the nomination and mentorship! I’m happy to join the team and help out. :rocket: