Vote to promote Irit Katriel

Yury and I want to to promote Irit Katriel to core developer. She’s already got triage rights and has made great use of them – she’s already mentoring the next generation of contributors.

Irit has also co-written a PEP (654, exception groups) for which she did 90% of the work (and 100% of the implementation, which includes hairy C code, new syntax, Python code, tests).

I’ve asked Irit and she’s excited about the possible promotion. If she is promoted, we’ll continue to mentor her during her first few weeks in her new role.

  • Promote Irit Katriel
  • Don’t promote Irit Katriel

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PS. The promotion process is described here: 14. How to Become a Core Developer — Python Developer's Guide


+1 from me! I’ve not extensively worked with Irit outside of the core sprint, but the sheer dedication, effort, and initiative shown towards PEP 654 is more than adequate in my book.


+1 for sure


@iritkatriel would be a fantastic addition to the core team!

I worked with her for several months in late 2020, mentoring her early work on Python issues unrelated to PEP 654. She is exceptionally nice to talk and work with, sharp, thorough and pragmatic.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Is there a list of contributions that we can look at? What’s the Github handle, for example?

@iritkatriel on GitHub, iritkatriel on b.p.o.


Thanks @taleinat !


+1 to promote Irit.

I recently worked with Irit who fixed a test_pdb bug. I also see that she fixed issues in the ast, inspect, logging, textwrap, traceback, unittest and zipimport modules. I like the fact that contributions are not restricted to the typing module (so far, she only fixed a typo in the typing documentation :wink: ). My short experience to work with her was pleasant.

I also saw her very active on python-dev in the Exception Group thread which is brave since the feedback was not always “positive” :wink:


Just to add to the opening post by Guido, which already mentions my name: an enthusiastic YES from me. I’ve enjoyed working with Irit on the PEP a lot. She is an exceptionally strong candidate.


:heavy_plus_sign: :one:
I think Irit would be great as a core developer.


I big +1 from me.

Although I have not interacted with Irit a lot myself I have seen her work quite a lot and I have been impressed by the number of different areas she is helping. I am very happy to see also that she has been doing a lot of reviews, guiding contributors in an effective way. She also has been working on some complex pull requests as well as debugging some hairy bugs.

I really think she will make a fantastic core dev and I only wish that I can interact with her more in the future myself :slight_smile:


Okay, the poll has been closed for a few days now and I’ve sent the final request to the SC. Thanks everyone for voting!


Congrats @iritkatriel!!

And Irit should be all set up!

Intro email has been sent to python-committers.


Thank you everyone for your support, in this vote as well as in the lead-up to it.

A couple of weeks ago, when github put the Mars Helicopter badge on my profile, I was over the moon (pun intended). It is a great privilege to be able to contribute to Python and I am proud to be a member of this incredibly skilled and committed team.


Welcome aboard Irit!

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