Vote to promote Kyle Stanley

I propose to promote Kyle Stanley as a core developer. I’ve been mentoring Kyle since September 2019 and can personally vouch for him being a perfect fit for the core team. He’s kind, humble, extremely supportive, and has great technical skills.

Some highlights:

In all honestly, I rarely see someone as excited about Python development as Kyle. I’ll continue mentoring and assisting Kyle for the next few months, however I think that he’s 100% ready to be promoted now.

Thank you for your vote!

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+1. I think I’ve only good things to say about Kyle’s contributions.


All of my interactions with Kyle have been great, and with the amount of work he’s done on the project plus Yuri’s mentoring, I’m certain he’d be a great core dev.


I know that we’re running close to the end of the vote and this looks to be a landslide anyway – I have been way too swamped to put together my normal “evidence-based recommendation” that I try to do for people whose work I know well enough, but I would also like to add my explicit +1 to this nomination.

Kyle pretty much fits my definition of the kind of core dev we should be looking for, in that he has focused a lot on improving the experience for new contributors, and giving good code reviews. He was one of the few people who took the time to review the C extension for the reference implementation for PEP 615, which was very helpful to me even though he frankly admitted that he wasn’t terribly familiar with the C API.

As much as generating new code, features and bugfixes is useful, my experience is that qualified reviewers are the bottleneck in a lot of our PR backlog, and I think Kyle’s activities so far indicate that a big part of what he’s bringing to the table is exactly what we need.


I’m closing the poll as it has been up for 1 week, with 27 votes for, and 0 votes against promoting Kyle. I’ll now email the SC for the final approval. Thanks to all who voted!


Congratulations, @aeros!


Thank you so much @yselivanov, and to everyone else for the overwhelming support! Not only to those who voted, but also to all those that have helped me along the way. Of course, to Yury for the fantastic mentorship and guidance in asyncio, but I’d also like to specifically thank:

@pitrou for the guidance in concurrent.futures; @asvetlov for the guidance in asyncio; @vstinner, @brettcannon, and @Mariatta for answering my many questions regarding the CPython workflow and triaging; @willingc for the guidance in the documentation and merging my first PR; and to @guido for starting it all in the first place! There are also countless others who have helped me along the way, including both core developers and other active members of the Python development community.

The Python development community is by far the most incredible and welcoming one that I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Even from the beginning of my journey with CPython when I only had a brief dev team internship and some college under my belt (with minimal open source experience), I felt that others genuinely took the time to answer my questions and respond to my feedback; as long as I was willing to put some amount of effort forth in formulating it.

Thanks to the patience of many, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge, that I otherwise would not have. Going forward, I hope to continue to give back to the Python community for many years to come, even if it’s just a fraction of what it has given to me. It has fundamentally changed my life, definitely for the better. :slight_smile:

I greatly look forward to continuing to contribute and grow with everyone!


Congrats! @aeros


Congrats! I know how hard you have worked. Well done :smiley: