Vote to promote Lysandros Nikolaou

Guido van Rossum and I want to propose Lysandros Nikolaou as a core developer. He would centre his efforts on co-maintaining the parser machinery and tokenizer together with Guido and myself.

  • Promote Lysandros Nikolaou
  • Don’t promote Lysandros Nikolaou

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Lysandros has been an integral part of the new parser project (a.k.a. PEP 617) since it started last fall, and many of you know him from the presentation we did together at the latest (online) Language Summit or his commits in the CPython repo and his contributions to the issue tracker. He has also been an active member of the Python triage team. (Note that his commits are under-counted because I squash-merged the initial PEP 617 commit from a long-lived fork to which he probably contributed as much as Guido and myself together.)

Although Lysandros will start focusing on maintaining and improving the parser machinery, he has proven to be an excellent and versatile developer that learns very fast new areas so we are very confident he will also be helping with other areas of CPython he is interested in as well as the general core dev responsibilities.

We’ve talked to Lysandros about this potential new role and its responsibilities, and he is excited to become a member of the core dev team. Both Guido and I are confident of Lysandros’ skills and attitude and his dedication to improving Python. We expect Lysandros to be a member of our team for years to come.

Post-promotion mentoring

As it was done in previous promotions I will continue to mentor him for one month after his promotion (if it’s accepted) to help him to deal with his new responsibilities and we plan to require him to ask us before merging anything until he will be used to the process.

Vote process

As a reminder from PEP 13 regarding voting rules:

It is granted by receiving at least two-thirds positive votes in a core team vote that is open for one week and with no veto by the steering council.


I will say publicly I have worked with Lysandros on Bedevere and he was very patient and understanding when I asked him to make changes. He also did the changes well and questioned my suggestions when they weren’t necessarily the best solution (and always in a thoughtful way).


Apart from the new parser, do you have a link to Lysandros’ contributions?

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Here are some links to the relevant information in GitHub (this includes all the PRs that he has opened and reviewed):


I believe that last link should instead point to the following url, for all of Lysandros’s involved issues:

Otherwise, it appears to be just his reviewed PRs, which is 45 issues instead of 174. :slight_smile:

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Indeed! I changed the query text but not the link. Thanks for the catch :slight_smile:

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I would like to share what Lysandros did on we-like-parsers group.

He did great job :slight_smile:


Ok, the vote closed with:

  • 27 “Promote” votes (93%)
  • 2 “Don’t promote” votes (7%)

I will now follow the process.


The SC approved Lysandros, so now congratulations are in order!


Welcome aboard the team Lysandros!


Hey everybody,

first of all a huge thanks goes out to all of you for showing trust in me and accepting me into this big Python family. It’s truly an honour to be part of it.

I will try to put all the effort and care I can into improving Python, the language, which has time and again helped me in my career as a programmer. I sincerely hope that the PEG parser is only the first of many projects I work on.

Let me say that I believe that the values we represent and uphold really make us what we are. Thus, I will try to live up to the high standards of the Python community and, like all of us, I’ll strive to make Python an even more inclusive, diverse and open community than it is now.

It goes without saying but I want to say for the thousandth time that @guido’s and @pablogsal’s mentoring has been invaluable. Very special thanks to both of them for, first, accepting me to work alongside them and for all they’ve shown and taught me these last few months. It’s been an awesome journey and I’m sure it’ll continue to be just like this.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better.