Vote to promote Ned Batchelder

I would like to nominate Ned Batchelder (@nedbat) for the Python core team privileges.

GitHub profile: nedbat (Ned Batchelder) · GitHub

Ned has gained CPython Triage privileges since way back when CPython was still using b.p.o issue tracker. His first patch to CPython was in 2012. Since then, Ned has continued to be active as a triager, a moderator in Python IRC. He also helped reviews lots of PRs.

Ned Batchelder and Carol Willing both lead the effort to create the Python Documentation Editorial Board. Ned has been especially active in the Python docs community, attending the monthly Docs Community meetings, and presenting at the first Docs Summit at PyCon US 2024. He also made many improvements to CPython docs and Devguide.


  • 32 merged PRs after the migration to GitHub
  • 90 issuesreported
  • git log --grep='Ned Batchelder' returns 12 commit messages that mentioned “Ned Batchelder” (including Patch By, Co-Authored-By, etc)
  • First patch in 2012

Other involvements and accolades:

With his skills and experience, I believe Ned Batchelder would be a great addition to the Python core team and to the Python docs community.

I have been chatting with Ned regarding this, and he has indicated interest in being part of the Python core team so that he can be more productive in improving Python docs.

  • Promote Ned Batchelder
  • Do not promote
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@nedbat is a very worthy addition to the core dev team; he’s been pretty consistently active in the docs community for a long time now, and made significant contributions to the Python documentation in many different ways, which commit rights would help further facilitate and accelerate. Additionally, I’ve heard a number of core devs over the years (including myself) think he already was a committer and express surprise that he wasn’t, which is a good sign that someone is more than ready to become a core dev!


The only thing that went through my mind reading this was “How is Ned not a core team member already?!” :slight_smile:


Thank you for conducting the poll @Mariatta. As the poll has closed with 98% in favor of promotion, and as per the rules set out in PEP 13, I’m happy to report that the Steering Council unanimously does not veto Ned’s promotion to the core developer team, and thus satisfies the requirements for promotion. Congratulations @nedbat !

@ambv could you please provide Ned with the appropriate privileges?

@barry (on behalf of the Steering Council)