Vote to promote Nikita Sobolevn

I would like to promote Nikita Sobolevn, @sobolevn on GitHub, as a Python core developer.

Nikita is a Python bug triager since January 2022. I was told that he is active in bug triage and is doing a good work there.

Since March 2020 (Python 3.9), he got 448 commits which is massive. For example, while “only” being a “regular contributor”, he is just the 4th most active contributors in terms of changes since March 2020 (top 4: me, Serhiy, Pablo and Nikita). Link to Nikita’s Python commits.

It’s pleasant to work with him, he accepts to make suggested changes in reviews, or even to abandon a change if others say that it’s not a good ideas.

I’m mentoring him for 4 months. Before he was not interested to become a core developer, but he changed his mind and would now be fine with getting additional responsibilities. If he gets promoted, I will mentor him a few more weeks to help him to be used with these responsibilities.

If contributing to Python would not be enough, he also maintains a long list of Python projects:



  • Promote Nikita Sobolevn now
  • Wait to promote Nikita Sobolevn
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(I created a first poll where votes where public by mistake, I just created a new one before anyone voted.)


I endorse this promotion. I reviewed many PRs by Nikita. He’s been consistently helpful, insightful, and respectful. He’s been around for quite a while, I’m sure many active contributors had the opportunity to work with him at some point already.


I’ve worked with Nikita on several PRs and issues, and he is always very pleasant to work with. After working with Nikita on a PR, I’m always left with the feeling that contributing to CPython is fun and rewarding. I’ll gladly welcome him on board!


I’m grateful for Nikita’s contributions and I enjoy collaborating with him. He’s constantly identifying improvements that can be made all over the codebase.


I want to also endorse Nikita’s promotion. I have worked with Nikita over some PRs and issues and I always had a very pleasant experience. I think Nikita has very good technical skills but also is very easy to work with and has good understanding of our processes and values. I look forward to have him on the team!



Results of the vote:

  • Promote Nikita Sobolevn now: 32 (91%)
  • Wait to promote Nikita Sobolevn now: 3 (9%)
  • Total voters: 35

I’m glad that so many core devs voted, thanks!

People who voted “Wait to promote Nikita Sobolevn now” can contact me in private, if they want, to share their concerns; as I wrote, I still plan to mentor Nikita a few weeks if he gets promoted.

I contacted the SC and I’m now waiting for their feedback.


The Steering Council confirmed they accept this nomination. I provided Nikita with the required privileges. Welcome on board, @sobolevn!


Thanks everyone for your support! It is an honour, I will try my best to make CPython better.