Vote to promote Pradyun Gedam

I would like to nominate Pradyun Gedam for CPython core dev privileges.

GitHub profile: pradyunsg (Pradyun Gedam) · GitHub

Pradyun has been active in the Python packaging space since ~2017, and since then he’s become a core contributor to most of the major foundational parts of the packaging ecosystem, but for this proposal, specifically pip.

Since I’ve not been as involved in recent years, Pradyun is one of the pip core devs who have been helping to keep ensurepip up to date, a task which would be significantly easier with the additional privileges afforded by the commit bit.

Overall Pradyun is a great addition to any team, and I’m confident that he’ll take great care with any changes he makes to ensurepip or the broader code base.

  • Promote Pradyun Gedam
  • Don’t Promote Pradyun Gedam

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I’m excited I get to be the second person to vote for Pradyun’s promotion :slight_smile:


Yay for this.

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I’m very much in favour of this.

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I agree. Pradyun would be a great addition to the team.

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SC met today and we’re all good with the poll results. I will be starting the process to get Pradyun his privileges shortly.